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BOADS today is one of the most active and inclusive societies around. Visit any household in Brixham and they will almost certainly know the BOADS name and reputation for putting on outstanding shows every year (we like to think so!). We have teams of volunteers that work around the clock to make rehearsal spaces ready, ensure that the run in the Theatre goes exactly to plan, and not to mention the tremendous work performed by the Director(s) and associates before rehearsals have even begun!

BOADS welcome anyone new to the area or simply interested in joining to get in touch! We love hearing about individuals and their specific skill – and finding out if we can somehow involve them in an up and coming show – so why not get involved? Rehearsing and Performing with BOADS is fun and engaging – and presents a fantastic opportunity to work with some accomplished directors and musicians, actors and vocalists. If you’re even remotely interested in joining the society, then get in touch on our ‘Contact’ page, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible! We consider everyone with ties to BOADS to be a part of the society, in whatever way – we openly invite new members every day!

BOADS’ History
BOADS was originally a small group of friends under the guise of  ‘The Orange Bubbles’  but wanted to expand their horizons and so changed their name to attract a wider membership and audience. Their first production was ‘Pearl the Fishermaiden’ and Ralph Bartlett was one of the original founding members of the group. The group quickly established itself as an essential part of the community and brought lots of pleasure to Brixham and its inhabitants. The first decade comprised mainly of Gilbert and Sullivan productions but soon the society branched out to lesser-known works to broaden the horizons of the players and audience members.

The group was well known for their lavish scenery that was designed by Jeffrey Snelson. There was one occurrence during the 1951 production of ‘Chu Chin Chow’ when two gentlemen in the audience actually wagered a bet in regards to being able to walk up the pathway on the backdrop or not. Jeffrey was a professional ex-member of the ‘D’oyly Carte Opera Company’ and instilled his professionalism into BOADS. Jeffrey stayed with the society until 1963, ‘The Pyjama Game’ being his final production.

The Society was the first in the South West to produce a number of shows including Oklahoma (1955), Carousel (1958), South Pacific (1961) and Paint Your Wagon (1972).

Over the years we have had a number of outstanding Musical Directors such as George Dolton, Douglas Hutchings, Dennis Iles, Gerry Vaughan Williams, David Warwick, Carl Smith, Kaitey Milner and Peter Mead.

The Committee


Jane Barnby

Barbara Hall

Vice Chairman
Isabel White

Elaine Wiltshire

Jean Reid

Committee Members

Nicola White
Patti Dine
Carolina Vottero